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Our 102nd travel season is here!

There are always new stories to tell, somewhere out there. You can find them on every continent, among every type of person, in every landscape imaginable. These stories are just waiting for a traveller to come and discover them. A traveller like you. Year after year you inspire us. To get out there. To dream big. To get creative. To push boundaries. And to design new seasons filled with new experiences handcrafted just for you. For over 100 years, you’ve been the reason driving us to create unique tours around the world. Now it’s time to go behind the scenes to meet the team and see all that went into this travel season.

A couple of our new tours include:

1. Painted Canyons of the West.

Starting at $3799 pp* 9 days, 11 meals.

Our travellers told us that they wanted to see more of the natural splendour found in the American southwest – so we listened and designed a Painted Canyons of the West tour. Travellers will take in the sienna-coloured canyons, towering spires and desert landscapes found in Utah’s five national parks. Then, it’s off to the neon-lit spectacle of Las Vegas. This is America the beautiful.

2. Imperial Russia

Starting at $2849 pp* 9 Days, 11 meals.

We heard several travellers express interest in the culture and distinctive allure of Russia, a land abundant with intrigue and history. Like an intricate matryoshka doll, Russia is a multi-layered country with discoveries around every corner – so we built a tour to capture just that. Full of energy, surprises, and grandeur – Russia awaits.

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